Monday, May 10, 2010

Beijing, Monday 7:30 PM

We had a great flight from San Francisco to Beijing. Joy did great!!! Because of the early flight out of Spokane Sunday AM we did not get much sleep. We were to have made our connecting flight in Beijing at 6:30 PM to Xining but it took over 2 hours to get through customs in terminal 3 and by the time we got our bags it was too late to get to terminal 2 on time. We are now booked on the 9:00 PM flight that will get us in to Xining at 11:30 PM... Long day... Do not to even want to compute the hours since we left; just know it is over 24 hours. Called Lily, our liaison, to let her know our change and she informed us that Jesse was on the flight we were supposed to have been on. So instead we are eating rice and dumplings while we wait for our flight. We should get Jesse tomorrow... more later!

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