Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, Sunday, May 16th at 3:00 PM

After breakfast this morning we met Wendy, our guide for the week here. We will be meeting her at 9:00 AM tomorrow to head to the Civil Affairs office to meet Michael Li Qu! We spend a lot of time talking about what might be and all the possible scenarios of our day but know in the end we just will take the day and week as it comes. For a 13 year old boy in Chinese culture, it is really hard to anticipate what and how he will feel... we only pray we will be sensitive enough and discerning enough to be there in the way he will need as he processes and moves into this next and so very life-changing chapter in his life. While it will change everything for us, it still pales in comparison to the changes he will face.

After we finished with Wendy, we headed down to West Lake and the park. Hangzhou is one of the more affluent cities here and is considered one of the top tourist destinations within China.  The park was busy and two Americans with two Chinese children in tow is quite the novelty... we get lots of stares and inquisitive looks... all good, just different. We usually get approached by someone wanted to try out their English skills with us.  The park area is beautiful and uniquely Chinese.  Around the park are a lot of restaurants and of course some of America's favorite including Starbucks, McDonalds, and DQ (Dairy Queen).  After a week of Chinese food we indulged ourselves with soem Mickey D's and DQ for lunch... Joy especially savoured and enjoyed the french fries.

The kids are napping and we are enjoying a low key day before we start the process all over again.  I will download some more photos from our journey and day... Enjoy, and thank you for joining us in our journey and prayers...

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