Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gotcha Day with Jesse

Xining, Tuesday, May 11th at 1:43 PM
Finally laid down for bed at almost 1:00 AM after getting in late last night. We were back up at 7:00 AM and headed down for a quick breakfast before meeting up with our guide to go meet up with Jesse. At about 9:00 AM we walked into the CCAA office and there he was with the worker that brought him from New Day where he has been living, and a couple of people from Christian Action, a group that co-leads the orphanage in Xining where Jesse is originally from, and the director from the orphanage. He goes by Xiao Xiao (pronounced show show like "how" rather than sho). He had all the stuff we sent him plus both New Day and the orphanage had all kinds of history and fun stuff. He did well and Joy immediately became the loving and caring big sister. Jesse immediately attached to me (Jim) and won't leave me. We went to get his passport photos after and that was quite experience. The worker required that his head be perfectly straight... not tilted or turned in the slightest. Ever tried that with a 2 year old? The worker got what I thought were great shots but she said the passport official may not accept them. After it was apparent our continued attempts to get the "perfect" picture was going to be impossible and was just upsetting to Jesse, I told them what we had would have to do. They were nervous that the official would not accept it, so I asked if we could show him and find out... Did not know he was in another office well worth the trip in that he approved the photo. Went and had lunch with our guide, who by the way is a great guy. Our guide took us to a fun hole in the wall noodle place where Jesse showed off his chopstick skills. He is definitely all boy and wants to get into everything... A bit of a pistol and a little different than Joy. We are now back into our hotel room where Jesse and Joy are napping. Jesse is definitely a bit sad but it comes and goes and he is not lethargic like Joy was. It is so different knowing that they can bond and move out of that grieving stage to happy and joyful kids again. When he laid down he definitely did not want me to let him go so here naps on top of me. He is a bit wheezy but that was to be expected. We appreciate prayers for his health and breathing. We have great pictures of our gotcha moment but will have to send later. For now I am sending one napping from my Black Berry.

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