Sunday, May 23, 2010

In the Home Stretch

Guangzhou, Sunday, May 23rd

Thursday in Hangzhou we did a little site seeing around West Lake by boat and the surrounding parks. The kids had a fun time feeding popcorn to the fish (yes, that is the fish food you purchase) and loved watching the peacocks and other birds (see pics below).

On Friday we left a little early for the airport so that we could stop by a tea village. Wendy, our guide, has a friend with a villa in the tea village where a lot of the green tea in the area is grown.  We walked among the tea bushes and loaded up with some of the famous Dragon Well Green Tea grown and sold by Wendy's friend.  It was a fun and a great experience... and a great way to end our time in Hangzhou.

After a three hour delay at the Hangzhou airport, we arrived in Guangzhou late (or make it midnight) Friday night .  The bright spot was that the little kids slept all the way.  And Michael thoroughly enjoyed his first airplane ride ever... including the delicious Chinese airplane food.  By the time we got to the hotel and settled in it was about 3:00 AM before we were asleep.  Up at 8:00 AM we were off to Shamian Island for the medical exams. What a busy and crazy place as there had to be 70 to 100 adoptive families (in addition to the normal clientele) in and out doing their checks.  Lily and Rebecca did an incredible job moving us through as a group (six families) in a pretty timely manner.  Jesse and Michael had to get shots as well since we are part of the new Hague process (not everyone in our group was part of the newer process).  While in the waiting area we ran across another couple who are adopting Khloe from New Day as they recognized Jesse right off.  It was fun to see Jesse and Khloe's initial responses upon seeing each other. Shamian Island was pretty torn up as they are doing a lot of work in advance of the Asia Games in November but it was not near as bad as I had expected...  although very nostalgic to return.  However, the Garden Hotel we are staying at is phenomenal and are room beats the White Swan for sure. We love the area around the Garden as well... lots of options for eating and wandering.  Today was a shopping day. Our Consulate appointment for our paperwork is Wednesday and on Thursday we go to the Consulate for our swearing in. Friday we get the Visas for the boys and head to Hong Kong on a late flight.  Saturday AM we head back to the US, gain a day, and make in to Spokane at 5:00 PM Saturday... in time for Jake's graduation Sunday!


  1. Kobe's going to be a little disappointed that his shirt got lost somewhere between Hangzhou and Guangzhou! I guess the medical exams warranted the wardrobe upgrade. Great to hear that your trip is on schedule and moving towards your ultimate return to Spokane. From the pictures Michael looks like he is assuming the big brother role quite well. It's exciting to follow your progress and see you new kids!

  2. Great pics. Looks like everyone is doing well. We are looking forward to meeting the two newest members of the Andrews Family!
    Enjoy your last few days in China.

  3. SO fun to find your blog and see your photos on here. I was bummed we didn't get the chance to meet you down in the lobby before we left on Thursday...we were busy getting our things together for check-out. We never did get that photo of the kids together. Oh well...I'm just glad we got to meet you while we were there and look forward to following along and watching as your boys blossom into your family. God is good!! Praying your travels home went well. We are still recovering from MAJOR jet lag! Khloe is doing GREAT and is loving her new toys. When I ask her if this is Khloe's home, she nods her head 'yes' cute. She's walking around in an apron and play 'heals' right's hilarious, and so cute! We're trying to capture a good photo...but she is NOT a poser and takes NO time for photos, so we do what we can! ;) LOL!! Take care and have a blessed Memorial Weekend at home with your family!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~Tanya Thom