Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michael is an Andrews!

Hangzhou, Tuesday, May 18th at 9:30 PM

Today we had the official swearing in ceremony at the Civil Affairs office. It was fun to see other families go through the ceremony and it was extra special to go through it with Michael Liqu who really understood what it all meant.  It was a good day as all the kids were far more comfortable with each other and Michael is making the transition really well.  Tonight Joy and Jesse were chasing Michael all around the hotel room laughing and enjoying each others company.  Michael was very comfortable in his new big brother role.

Tomorrow we are making a trip up to Lishui where Michael is from.  It should be about 6-8 hours of driving, but we know Michael is looking forward to it.  Today we also broke new ground with our translator machine which has enabled me to write and have it convert to characters. We miss our kids back home and wish they were here with us! 

A fun little story from the orphanage workers... they had been guessing what English name we would be giving Li Qu and had come up with two names they thought we should name him... they had narrowed it to Michael or Martin.  When we told them it was Michael that first day they were so excited!

Here are some shots from today... (note the prized Kobe Bryant shirt)...

Also, Jesse decided he would wear Momma's sandals around the room for awhile today too...

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  1. Congratulations to the Andrews: 2-for-2! Tell Michael that the value of his Kobe shirt keeps going up as the Lakers continue to win. We can't wait for you to return and share the awesomeness of your trip with us!
    Mike Riddle