Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're In!

Hangzhou, Saturday, May 15, at 9:40 PM

You may wonder what we mean, but we have been unable to access this site the entire time.  I was blocked through a another means I had been using, but...aha... got creative... I'll share later (thanks, my new VPN)...

We got into Hangzhou fine after a long plane ride with a stop in Chongqing (now we can say we have been to another Chinese city). Flying here can be a bit eventful after landing as the last couple of minutes before getting to the gate everyone ignores the fasten seat belt signs and begins getting up out of their seats, grabbing their luggage, and heading to the front of the plane while the plane is still taxiing well away from the gate.  As has been usual on our last couple of flights, Megan and I are the only Caucasians on board.  We have a nice room (with yet another bathroom story to come) and love beautiful Hangzhou. We did a bit of shopping today and are now the proud (and relieved)owners of two new strollers! Our hotel is in the heart of Hangzhou and only a few blocks from beautiful West Lake with its parks and culture. We will have one more day before we meet and get Michael Li Qu.

The kids are doing great.  Jesse continues to be a hand full but fun and full of life.  He is a smart little guy and sometimes we think he is just a little man in a kid's body. He is still very attached to me (Jim) but allowing Megan to become closer to him and a comforter each day. Joy is a great big sister and the two have fun together.  After a nap today Jesse and Joy took their first bubble bath together and had allot of fun. When they were through, we opened the drain to empty the water and as we were pulling them out we realized we were standing in 1/4 inch of water throughout the entire bathroom.  Apparently there was a plumbing problem in our series of pipes (two cities in a row) that forced the water back up through the floor drain and shower drain with a toilet the was unable to flush. Hence began the English/Chinese dialogue of us trying to ask for help with people who knew little to no English. In all my dictionaries and phrase books there is nothing about plumbing or flooding... you can imagine the fun we had over the next hours before they finally had it resolved.  It was a bit like an animated game of charades with neither side having a whole lot of enjoyment from the game. Thank goodness that the problem replicated itself so they did not think our kids were just rambunctious in the tub, and thankfully we have not had to switch rooms this time (here is to hoping this is our last bathroom story).

Well we owe some good pictures so here we go with pics from our time in Xining....

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