Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He's Ours!!!

Xining, Wednesday, May 12th,1:00 PM
This is Megan writing today........ Well it is official Jesse is an Andrews!!! We met with the various officials today and received our adoption certificate and as you can see in the picture Joy slept through it!! Could be because she was up between two and five last night. I think she is still adjusting to the time change.
Jesse is a hoot! He is all boy and into everything! He is quite mishevious and I'm not sure Joy knows what to make of it! We definately don't have to worry about her bossing him around though and I can imagine we will be in for some real power struggles when we get home. In general though they are getting along great and Joy keeps saying "Jesse is my brother and I am the sister now".
We are loving Xining.  It is so clean and the people friendly and the food is great. Our guide is taking us to authentic places and ordering for us so we are getting to try things we may not if we were on our own.  He is an amazing man and we have much in common, especially our favorite book. We will now just wait for Jesse's passport and then will be on our way to Michael Liqu's province on Friday.....
Jesse can be a tad bit of a handful so we are thinking one of the older Andrews kids or Grandma coming may have been a good idea but know we will just roll with it!!! I have a hysterical story about Jim and a broken toilet in our hotel room........There is no one here who speaks english other than our guide who had gone home for the day, and Jim trying to explain the problem ranks up there with a few other classic Jim stories!!! (as in "what kind of tea is good for cleaning arteries?" story). So wished Mac, Jake and Melis had been here for it!!!  Off to the park after naptime, will check in later.  Love to you all. Here are some pics from yesterday and today...

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