Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Last Post in China

Guangzhou, Friday, May 28th at 6:43 PM

We are getting down to the final ours before catching a flight to Hong Kong and then tomorrow we head to San Francisco and then home to arrive Saturday back in Spokane at 5:00 PM.  It has been a good week in Guangzhou but we are ready to be back home starting life up again with these new boys being a part.

This week we did the Pearl River Dinner Cruise, toured a village that is an authentic and current farming village, went to the Zoo, and swam, and hung out with the kids between our appointments related to the Visas. 

Probably one of the most memorable moments will be the one  am about to describe, and one I am sure you have all wondered yourselves "what would I do if my child..."
We arrived Thursday evening back from our swearing in at the US Consulate at about 5 PM and decided to head for the regular hotel restaurant for dinner.  It is usually not busy at this time so we decided to eat outside on the deck that jets out into the Koi pond (see picture below).  We were having a fine time... kids were watching the Koi, having milkshakes, and waiting for our food.  Jesse started to act up so i took him to the side away from the table to have a little Daddy to Son talk.  Joy got up and came next to us and got up on the bench at the edge of pond on her knees (see other picture of area).  She had done it a number of times throughout the week. Then all of a sudden she leaned over the rail and the next thing I see is her going head first over the rail and into the pond. She flipped right side up under the water but was panicking and having a hard time getting her footing so was remaining below the water. I put Jesse down for Megan and Michael to grab and over the rail and into the pond I went to grab Joy.  For me it was only about waist high so I grabbed her and swung her up to Megan's waiting arms.  Joy was pretty shook at first just from the surprise of it all. The restaurant staff came running out with linen table cloths and napkins to dry us. Joy was not hurt so we could now only laugh of the spectacle we had just become. Once Joy had settled down I looked at one of the staff members and said "I bet this has happened before" and he responded "No, this first time".  Our dinner came shortly after so we ate in the hot and humid outdoors wet and then Joy and I sloshed across the hotel lobby floor to head back to our room to wash the Koi pond water off us.  Another China story and memory for the ages!

Well it is about time to eave so see many of you back in the states soon!

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  1. I imagined both of my daughters doing that very thing. I am sure Joy was not the first! I was very happen to find your blog as we were one of Jesse's sponsors. I believe he is a very smart and curious little guy from what I have read. Best wishes to your beautiful family!